Lal Singh’s threat to Muslims shows BJP’s real face: Malik

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Srinagar, May 21: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Saturday termed as “intimidating and abusive against Jammu Muslims” the remark of Forest Minister Lal Singh in which he has reportedly asked Jammu Muslims to remember 1947 anti – Muslim massacre.
In a statement issued here, Malik said that the remarks of Singh were “a clear sign of his immoral, unethical character and mental bankruptcy and his party’s real face against Muslims.”
Malik said that “Lal Singh like criminal-minded and freak should have been either in some mental asylum or jail but unfortunately they are enjoying power and absolute impunity these days.”
Malik said that the words uttered by Singh against Jammu Muslims were a manifestation of RSS plans against Muslims of Jammu Kashmir that are being implemented by BJP-PDP alliance in Jammu Kashmir.
He said that such is the “height of hooliganism that a minister is directly threatening Jammu Muslims of dire consequences that too without any shame or fear of prosecution.”
Malik said that Lal Singh, his party and “masters in Delhi and Nagpur should know that today it is not 1947 and people of Kashmir have learned many lessons since then.”
“Today if any Jammu Muslim is touched by any communal, every single Kashmiri Muslim will be at the back of Jammu Muslims and will do whatever it needs to save them from communals like Lal Singh etc,” he said.
The front chairman assured the Jammu Muslims of every help and support.
“Jammu brethren will find Kashmiri Muslims at their back always and we today assure them that Lal Singh and people like him will not be allowed to raise their dirty eyes towards Jammu Muslims,” he said.
Earlier, Malik was put under house arrest today as police cordoned his residence and confined him to his room, a statement of JKLF said.
He strongly condemned the restrictions imposed on the martyrdom day of great Kashmiri leaders’ Mirwaiz Moulana Muhammad Farooq and Khwaja Abdul Gani Lone sahib and termed these restrictions as putting ban on freedom of speech.
Malik said that India and its Kashmiri stooges have choked every little space on peaceful public programs and have virtually turned Kashmir into a military or police garrison.
Never said what’s attributed to me: Lal Singh 
Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology, Choudhary Lal Singh today denied having made any acerbic comments while talking to a delegation, who had visited him at his residence in Jammu.
“I never made any comment which would hurt the sentiments of any community,” he said. “I always entertain people, who call on me, irrespective of the caste, creed or religious affiliation” he said.
Lal Singh said the allegations were baseless and he would do anything to protect the interests of the general public.
“I was speaking to my Gujjar brothers in Dogri about the increasing temperature. I don’t know how the issue has come up as has been reported in a section of the press,” he said.
He said the forest protection is his top most priority and he won’t allow any element to play politics over it.