Lashkar condemns ‘coercing minor Handwara girl for making false statement’


KG News Desk
Srinagar, April 18: Chief of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Mahmood Shah Monday condemned “Indian forces of coercing’ the effected family of Handwara and especially the Muslim girl who had been molested, and now being forced and pressurized by Indian army so that their heinous crimes could not be exposed.”
In a statement issued to a local news agency, Shah said, “This is a glaring example of Indian terrorism, and will not be tolerated. Indian occupational forces, in the delusion of their multitude are committing worst atrocities on innocent Kashmiris.”
He said that world should witness the dark face of India in Kashmir. “When an oppressed, stands for his right and resists, he morphs into a storm that destroys everything that lies ahead,” Shah said.
“Fear the day, when these oppressed will carry out similar attacks inside the houses of your forces. Media should shun double standards, and show the real picture to the world, do justice with your profession. Indian forces do not understand any language, except the word of sword, fire, guns and smoke. They shall be answered in their own language now,” he said.
Shah appealed to the youth of Kashmir, that “it is time for strong decisions. Till when would you keep sacrificing lives in mere protests? The protests have only given dead bodies to Kashmiris, and had no effect on Indian forces.”
He said that “apart from protests, if these four lives of Kashmiris would have cost 40 deaths of Indian soldiers, then only India would have been in tears and mourning. Then only your voice would be heard by the world. Their media continues to glorify them despite their atrocities and your protests. It is now time, for some strong, decisive decision.” (KNS)