Leading hotelier violates renovation permission in Gulmarg


Srinagar, Under the grab of ‘renovation permission’, an influential hotelier has started raising a structure at Gulmarg tourist resort.

Photographs and videos of the construction work being carried out by the hotelier in violations of norms have appeared on social media.

The hotelier, who owns a chain of hotels across Jammu and Kashmir and outside, purchased a hut in Gulmarg few months ago, said sources privy to the development.
They said the hotelier later got permission from Gulmarg Development Authority for renovating it. However, he is now misusing the same permission for converting the hut into a hotel.

“The existing hut has only five rooms. But now under the grab of renovation permission the hotelier wants to convert it into a hotel. He has already raised a column structure adjacent to the existing hut,” said sources.
They alleged that officials and enforcement wing of Gulmarg Development Authority acted as mute spectators till the hotelier raised construction illegally.

Chief Executive Officer Gulmarg Development Authority, Haneef Balki told he has asked his enforcement wing to stop the work.

“We have conveyed him to stop the work. Tomorrow me and my engineering team will visit the spot and assess the situation after which further course of action will be decided,” he said.

The CEO said that hotelier was allowed to renovate the structure by GDA after following the proper procedure.

“It has 5 to 6 rooms. Frankly deviations do take place in these matters, but we will take corrective measures,” he added.

He said that the hotelier will not be allowed to convert the hut into a hotel and will not be allowed to misuse the renovation permission.

He however admitted that the hotelier has damaged a patch of land near the structure.

In 2015, The Jammu and Kashmir High imposed a ban on construction at Gulmarg and directed authorities to stop construction activities and also directed the police to seize the vehicles carrying construction material to the resort.