Let all of us stay away from elections if New Delhi doesn’t accept Kashmir as a dispute: Er. Rasheed to Political Parties


Srinagar 09 May reiterating that right to self-determination is the only resolution to Kashmir dispute, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed suggested in all parties meeting held today in Srinagar that all main stream parties should ask New Delhi jointly that they will not contest any elections, till New Delhi shows sincerity and offers an acceptable dialogue with all the stake holders. Speaking during the discussion, Er. Rasheed said “It hardly makes a difference who rules the state as Kashmiris are not fighting for administrative issues but for right to self-determination. The main stream has lost the right to be called as the main stream as people believe all those bating for New Delhi as traitors. The formulas like Self Rule and autonomy are already out dated and Kashmiris have not made huge sacrifices for any resolution within Indian constitution. However in case of plebiscite who knows they may vote for India or Pakistan”. Er. Rasheed asked Mehbooba Mufti to either lead from the front land tell New Delhi that J&K is not an internal problem of New Delhi but an internationally recognized dispute or she must resign and we all will support her if she bats for right to self-determination. Accusing New Delhi of enforcing and engineering radicalization in Kashmir by provocations and killing Kashmiris in cold blooded murder. Er. Rasheed asked Govt. to stop all operations against militants and said that calling militants as terrorists can never justify the innocent killings. He appealed NC and PDP to realise that dispute is not who rules J&K but something much much bigger than that. He said “New Delhi is undermining the problem and trying to down play and divert the real issue. What state Govt. had said about freedom of Huriyat leaders has proved to be a bigger lie as nothing has changed for JRL”. Er. Rasheed said that those who are being calling separatists are the real main stream as they represent sentimental and sacrifices of people. He suggested that leaders of all parties should meet PM and leaders of opposition and ask them to say bye bye to lame excuses and come forward for a concrete meaningful dialogue in accordance with the UN resolutions and Historic perspective of the dispute.