London Shaken by a Fatal Attack Near Parliament

  1. Five people were killed, including the assailant, and 40 injured after being run over and stabbed in a terror attack at the heart of Britain’s seat of power attributed by police to “Islamist-related terrorism”. The lightning attack unfolded on Wednesday across Westminster Bridge in the shadow of Big Ben, a towering landmark that draws tourists by the millions and stands over Britain’s Houses of Parliament — the very image of London. The attacker was shot dead by police within the perimeter of UK Parliament. Here’s what we know:
    The attacker used a car to run down several pedestrians on the iconic Westminster Bridge. At least one woman and one other person were killed by the vehicle and others were left with “catastrophic injuries,” according to police. Three police officers were among those injured on the bridge.

    The driver then rammed his car into the Parliament fence and fatally stabbed a police officer as he tried to enter the building.

    Police tape off Parliament Square in London after reports of loud bangs. (Photo: Reuters)