Madrasas, Moulvis Not Propagating Real Islam in Kashmir


The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Youth Morcha leader, Aijaz Hussain has put a post on his Facebook saying that Masjids and Madrasas in Kashmir are not propagating real Islam.
In his post, Hussain wrote, “If killing of innocent people is jihad , better change molvis of masjids & teachers in madrasas. we need introspection, real Islam is not been taught rightly in masjids and madrasas.”
Hussain’s post comes as two Policemen were killed on the eve of Laylat-ul-Qadr event, when special night-long prayers are held in the month of Ramadan.
Aijaz also claimed that the clerics are responsible for the widespread militancy in Kashmir.
These maulvies are responsible for 99 per cent of the terrorism in Kashmir. They have misguided the youth of Kashmir,” he is reported to have told India Today.