Malik rejects probe, says it’s aimed to defuse anger



Suhail Khan

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chief Yasin Malik on Thursday rejected the probe ordered into civilian deaths in Handwara by saying that these probes are announced “only to deceive people and defuse their anger and hoodwink international opinion.”
“These rulers are now claiming to have (ordered) a time bound probe but we know the fate of these so-called probes and investigations. From 1990 onwards, we have witnessed hundreds of massacres and as many announcements of probes but till date no killer cop has been penalized or even booked,” Malik was quoted as saying in a statement issued today.
He said that the history of these probes speaks volumes about their validity and genuineness.
“How can an oppressor investigate his own crimes and penalize his own men. The fact is that these probes always provide clean chit to killers and instead put blame on those killed and this is why Kashmiris never believe or accept these hypocritical announcements,” asserted Malik.
The JKLF chairman said that India, its forces and its “stooges” will have to answer for their crimes one day and according to the law of retribution they will have to pay for these crimes against humanity.
Malik is in police custody since 10th April.
“He was suffering from high fever but police lodged him in police station. Yasin Malik is still ill and has grown very weak,” said the statement.