Man Climbs Mobile Tower, Threatens “Sholay Style Suicide Threat” Against Police Harassment


RAJOURI: In famous Sholey film style, a youth climbed on a cell phone tower at Thanamandi town today and threatened to jump down and end life against alleged police harassment.
Reports said one Javed Latief, resident of Thannamandi area climbed up nearly 100 mt tall tower at at Thannamandi town at around 11.30 am today and alleged that local police was harassing him and implicating him in a theft case.
He also alleged that some cops were demanding money and he was unable to pay and will commit suicide by jumping down.
The people of the area gathered there. Then SDM Thannamandi, Tanveer Khan, Tehsildar Kabir Khan, SHO and Chairman Municipal Committee, Shakeel Mir also rushed there and started convincing him to come down. 
The negotiations continued for long. The SDM and Tehsildar assured that he will not be harmed and an inquiry will be held. He will not be harassed. But he was not ready to listen. Even his family members and father also pleaded and asked him to come down.
This drama continued for about two hours. Then with the persuasion of a local teacher Navid Ashraf and MC chairman, he came down and was taken to the office of SDM and Tehsildar. Then he was allowed to go home.
SSP, Rajouri Yougal Manhas when contacted said that there was no truth about demand of money by police.
There was a big theft at a house in Thannamandi town. Rs 15 lakhs cash and gold ornaments worth over same amount have been stolen.
Since this man has worked for several weeks in that house of Wahid Wani (Babbu) as carpenter, the family had suspicion on him.
The police called him to Police Station at Thannamandi as suspect to work out the case.
He has enacted drama today to get himself free from police clutches. Manhas said that he has got conducted preliminary inquiry and there was no truth in it.