Markets to be provided security for shops to open


Srinagar,  Police and para-military forces will patrol the markets in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir valley to give a sense of security to the shopkeepers who are willing to open their shops.
This was decided in a meeting held by the security forces’ top officials in Srinagar which was chaired by Director General of Police Dilbag Singh. The security of the market places was necessitated after shopkeepers failed to open their shops despite Government lifting restrictions in many parts of Valley and easing them out in other parts.The top brass of the security met yesterday and discussed the overall security of Kashmir. They also discussed the issue of the students unwilling to join the schools and shopkeepers failing to open shops despite easing and lifting of restrictions in Kashmir.
Some shops in certain areas of Srinagar like Jawahar Nagar and Sanat Nagar opened few days back but after posters appeared in parts of Srinagar asking shopkeepers not to open their shops, they are not willing to open their shops.