Massacre of Jammu Muslims in 1947 worst tragedy: Geelani


Srinagar, Terming the massacre of Muslims in Jammu in 1947 as the “worst tragedy,” the Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani today said, “Slaughtering lakhs of Muslims by Dogra army, Indian forces, fascist groups like RSS and other communal forces is a brazen and most barbaric incident human history can ever come across.”

“All the areas of Jammu region witnessed the ugliest and most brutal human carnage and all streets and fields of Jammu region were flooded with blood and flesh of Muslims,” Geelani said in a statement.

“In these tiring and tragic moments for these helpless Muslims no helping hand came to their rescue, no balm was applied to their bleeding wounds. Although the tallest political personality of Kashmir was holding the authority and chair of administrator and all this butchery was being carried out under his glaring eyes but he was more concerned and worried about his own chair,” he said.

“Since that day our bloodshed is continuing. As the people at the helm of affairs at that time acted as deaf mute spectators focused only on their personal and family gains. After a pause of 70 long years the mindset, thinking and the conduct of the perpetrators is reluctant to change, rather their insensitivity and irresponsive attitude has grown multi-fold. They were traitors and traders then and after huge human loss they remain unmoved and numbed today as well,” he said.

Paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Jammu, Geelani said, “This must be a unique piece of land where such a huge crop of human heads has been harvested by the diseased minds and their mentors. Jammu and Kashmir is a single unit and we all will collectively and unitedly fight the forced control which will be the best tribute to all our martyrs including those of November 1947