Massive protests in PoK against Pak Govt support to terrorists


Muzaffarabad, Massive protests today again broke out in various parts of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) against Pakistan’s support to terrorists and pushing them into Kashmir for killing of the people with people marching into the streets of Hajeera town of PoK shouting slogans against Nawaz Sharief Government.
Exposing Pakistan completely on training and sending terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, veteran PoK leader Hayat Khan told a protest gathering in Hajeera in PoK that Pakistan should immediately stop sending terrorists into Kashmir as they were killing own people and causing devastation.
“I will say it publicly that the saboteurs and ‘Dracula like people’ (a reference to terrorists), you are sending into Kashmir are not humans as they are killing innocent people in Kashmir,” said Hayat Khan while addressing massive gathering, which marched through the streets of Hajeera shouting slogans against Pakistan and demanding an end to pushing terrorists into the Kashmir valley.
Hayat Khan launched aggressive attack on Pakistan Government and openly exposed it on support to terrorists in the Kashmir valley as he said Pakistan should stop sending terrorists and saboteurs into the Valley saying that they were indulging in goondaism and killing innocent people in Kashmir.
“What kind of goondaism it is? The terrorists and saboteurs you (a reference to Pakistan Government and Nawaz Sharief) are sending into Kashmir are not humans. They are killing innocent people. They are forcing the Kashmir people to give them shelter. What type of ‘goondagardi’ it is?”, he asked and warned that the people in PoK would be forced to revolt against the Government if such type of interference in Kashmir is not stopped by the Pakistani dispensation.
“The terrorists are being trained in PoK for sending them to Kashmir. They (the terrorists) should be removed from parts of PoK as they are not required,’’ Hayat Khan said amidst massive sloganeering against Pakistan Government at the protest demonstration.
Prior to the protest rally, Hayat Khan along with large number of protesters marched through the streets of Hajeera town of PoK shouting slogans against Pakistan Government seeking freedom for PoK from Pakistan. They charged Pakistan Government for having let loose reign of terror on the people, who are not following Pakistan’s dictates.
Hayat Khan said that terrorists being trained in PoK were even forcing the local people to give them shelter. And the people, who were refusing to shelter the terrorists, were being threatened and tortured, he added.
He went on to say that these terrorists have also been triggering blasts within PoK excepting the leaders of Nawaz Sharief’s party. “Have you ever heard about a blast in the houses of ruling party leaders?”, he asked.
It may be mentioned here that different political parties and organizations have repeatedly been holding protests and rallies in PoK against Pakistan’s support to terrorists, who were camping in different parts of PoK before trying to enter Kashmir. These organizations were of the view that these Pakistan backed terrorists have become nuisance value as they were also threatening, torturing and even killing the local people.