Militants Gone Rogue


By Mir junaid
Every passing day, Kashmiriyat dies a little more, what good does Jamhuuriyat hold, when insaaniyat holds true only in our folklore?
No matter how ideologically one being is different from the other, who authorises human to kill another human for difference in opinion? when would a Kashmiri have thought of taking the life of his own brother for a mere difference of opinion? But the appalling reality is that these terrible and despised times have arrived again.
The death of three young men yesterday at Baramulla by unknown gunmen is somewhere a conscience shaking incident for the whole of Kashmir, if we don’t realise it yet, and if this trend is allowed to grow, we might soon see total anarchy prevailing and dwelling.
We Kashmiris have started to despise the idea of democracy and all are obsessed with the idea of Khilafat. No one knows and no one teaches the structure of government, its functioning, the type of elections, the idea of development, The International relations, Under the caliphate will it be participative or dictatorial, no one knows and no one teaches but all especially the young brigade are drawn to it like a moth to flames.
Well “your actions get louder when your thoughts get less convincing” this is what happened with Kashmir, our intellect died and our testosterone levels thrived.
The wide spread notion in Kashmir with regards to these three civilians killed is that the agencies did this, but that is the notion we as a conflict ridden society hold for every killing that is not owned. The owning and not owning of killings is the politics that everyone has mastered in Kashmir.It helps shape popular opinion and safeguard interests.
Militants killing these three young men defeats the tall claims by separatists in Pakistan that Kashmiris want freedom. Since when has the definition of freedom, Incorporated the idea of snatching the right to freedom of life from the person living in the same region? Who gave this action any legitimacy? If somebody wants to differ from the majoritarian will, his will is to be respected at least ,if not accepted. We as a society have already fallen prey to division of ideologies, through the Pandit exodus during the 1990’s. Today, the first demand that we as Kashmiris set in front of the government is the Revocation of AFSPA,How on this earth does our claim logically challenge the law? Such actions are only a justification to such laws in Kashmir. Our separatist leaders who have already made blunders in Kashmir with the inception of religion in politics are calling this act as un-Islamic. I question only one thing, And that is, is Kashmir fighting an Islamic battle? The first amendment that the politics of Kashmir needs is to look beyond the lines of religion,region and culture. The killing of any human is not allowed anywhere in any religion. A strict political approach to the problem can only lead to a solution. If this trend of civilian killings it restarted in Kashmir, we are definitely heading towards a Civil War. The whole purpose of any socio-political struggle is to be based on interest and welfare of citizens belonging to any religion, region and ideology. The uncontrolled and rampant use of guns is to be stopped in any case. It is for the militant camps to also think that such actions if done in the name of Aazaadi shall only hurt their freedom struggle, as by killing that civilians and Overpowering a different ideology with force only legitimises what they themselves have taken up the gun against. If what you speak is the truth and if what you believe is the truth, you don’t need to kill a civilian for that, you can converse with him to win him on your side. Where is our democratic approach to the cause? I demand and ask for it. No one has the right to kill anyone unless he has killed someone.