Mirwaiz lashes out at Mehbooba, says, ‘CM distorting facts to stay in power’


Condemning the attack on Muslims by RSS goons in Kathua district of Jammu division, Hurriyat Conference (m) Chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said the “RSS goons” enjoy complete immunity and openly brandish their weapons to scare members of Muslim community, supported by the state police and authorities.

In a statement issued here, Mirwaiz said that targeting the majority community and intimidating them to instill fear and insecurity in them is part of the right wing brigades plan, executed with the help of most willing and “servile collaborators” who have completely lost it for the chair.

The statement quoting Mirwaiz said, “What this brigade and its agencies don’t seem to understand despite the recent revolt and rejection is that Kashmiris cannot be cowed down by these measures and they have made up their mind to give a tough fight to oppression.”

Referring to Mehbooba Mufti’s recent statements, Mirwaiz said to extend her stay on chair the lady is deliberately obfuscating facts, a standard practice by quislings since 1947 to stay in positions of power and the chair.

“In one of her statements the lady blames the leadership for a ‘preplanned agitation’ and the same statement goes on to say that it (agitation) happened all of a sudden, after Burhan Wani’s killing.

Mirwaiz said such contradictions in the utterances of the “collaborators” is natural as over the past 70 years to stay on chair they have spoken lies to mislead and distort the truth.

Mirwaiz said the customary rhetorical statements of setting up commissions to investigate murders by forces who enjoy full impunity has no relevance or credibility. “People know their outcome beforehand. If they are serious they should set up an independent inquiry by credible people in whom people can repose faith. The inquiry should be time bound, its findings transparent and made public,” Mirwaiz said.

Commenting on the announcement of ex gratia relief to the victims by the “oppressors” Mirwaiz said that ex-gratia relief is a “dole and not legal compensation” which is an internationally guaranteed right of a victim’s family.

Mirwaiz said why “doles” are given and not legal compensation is because these doles are used as mechanisms of control and manipulation to bargain with us after the carnage. “The state does not only use military power over us to occupy us but also institutional power like this to continue to keep us under occupation and we have to understand this well. He said that there are international conventions and obligations for an occupying state under which it is mandatory for it to give compensation to those over whom it has perpetuated horrors and human right abuses.”

Mirwaiz reiterated that as a community we have to stand by and provide continuous support to the families of those killed blinded maimed and injured by the state forces. Mirwaiz said that we are duty bound to remember our martyrs time and again.