Misuse of natural resources by Islamabad may result in another calamity in POK, GB


by Farooq Ganderbali
Despite protests from all quarters and most of all from the residents of the adjoining areas, the Government of Pakistan has relentlessly carried on construction work in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan (GB) region. In the years to come, the region could witness another natural calamity of the kind of earthquake witnessed in 2005. A huge water reservoir in the event of an earthquake would inundate almost all the adjoining areas.
Islamabad is not only relentlessly exploiting the natural resources of the POK and GB, but it has leased the region to China as well. The Generals and feudals of Punjab are not worried about the fate of millions of people living in the POK and GB region, but their only aim is to loot and plunder the resources of the area for their own benefit. This has left the people of the region vulnerable to face another calamity.
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is being used as a means to change demography and erode the area of its natural resources. “Pakistan and China have colluded to oppress the local people and to change the demography and literally convert them into a minority where they could control and use their resources.
CPEC is the strategic tool to oppress people and gain control over the land and what they do with the land is the different story. People are being threatened to become a minority in their own land, and the recent order by the government has disabled them to take control over the land without the permission of the local authorities.
All documents from history have proven that POK and Gilgit Baltistan was a part of India and it is in the interest of the region to integrate with India. Pakistan does not have a legal right to control and rule the region as it is a constitutional part of India. That is why Islamabad is threatening the local people fearing they might revolt against it. On one hand Pakistan continues to use terrorism against India to disturb the region while on the other hand, it used force and large-scale human rights violations in POK and GB to usurp the region.
There has been disenchantment among the local people against the aggressive behaviour by the government of Pakistan. They have been using military as a tool to oppress the people in POK and GB. There are human right violations against the locals and the situation is really grim because the international community is not aware of what is happening in POK and GB.