MMSFES to begin from July, price for Rice 15/kg, Atta 13/kg, Wheat 12/kg:  CAPD Minister


KG News Desk

SRINAGAR, MAY 6: From July this year State government will provide additional five kilograms (kgs) of rice per soul under Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Food Entitlement Scheme (MMSFES), said the Minister for Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali here in a press conference held at Banquet Hall.

According to the Minister the additional quantity of food grains would be in addition to the regular entitlement a consumer is getting under National Food Security Act (NFSA).

Giving the break up about the distribution system, the Minister said that bonafide rationee would get five kgs under NFSA scheme and five kgs under MMSFES total of ten Kgs. Likewise, the family of two souls would get 10 kgs under NFSA and 10 kgs under MMSFES.

He added the family of three would be provided 30 kgs where 15 kgs would be given under NFSA and 15 under MMSFES. For a family of four souls, 20 kgs would be provided under NFSA and 15 kgs under MMSFES, while as 35 kgs would be given to a family of five where 25 kgs would be given under NFSA and 10 kgs under MMSFES. For a family of six only five kgs would be given under MMSFES and the rest 30 kgs would be given as per NFSA scheme, the Minister said.

Giving the details about the prices for food distributed under MMSFES, the Minister said that under MMSFES one kg of rice would be sold at Rs 15, while Atta is priced at Rs 13 per kg and wheat at Rs 12 per kg respectively.

The Minister informed previously J&K used to procure 7.51 lakh metric tones of rice; however, with the introduction of MMSFES state would procure 12 lakh metric tones of food grains which would put an extra burden of Rs 400 crore on State exchequer.

To streamline and control the various activities of the department the Minister informed, the government has decided to better its surveillance mechanism to put a check on any kind of wrong doings.

“GPS system would be installed on our trucks ferrying food grains to keep track on their movement. Besides, surveillance cameras would also be installed at all the fair price shops so that distribution of various food items would be monitored at all times,” the Minister informed.

In order to improve the work culture in CA&PD department, the Minister said, “We will ensure zero tolerance on the issue. Performers would get space in the department, while the non-performers would be shown door.”

Reiterating the need to strictly adhere with the rate lists issued by the CA&PD, the Minister said the retailers, especially the mutton dealers need to adhere to the rate list issued by the department, and the erring trading activities would strictly be dealt with.

The Minister added that in this regard all the Deputy Commissioners have been made the nodal officers who would strictly enforce the prices listed by the department.

Assuring to start a scientific laboratory to check the quality of food grains in the valley in near future the Minister said, “We are committed to provide quality food grains to our people. Presently we check the quality of grains through visual tests only. However, I assure you that in near future we would start a scientific laboratory where food grains would be approved after passing the set guidelines.”