Modi warns Congress to keep toungue in check

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressing the Public Meeting, after the “Bhumi Pujan” for redevelopment of Gandhinagar Railway Station Complex, in Gujarat on January 09, 2017.

New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned the Congress leaders to keep their tongue in check, otherwise threatened to disclose their ‘Janampatri‘. Modi devoted his Haridwar rally on Friday to Harish Rawat by making harsh attack on the Uttarakhand Chief Minister.

Modi said, “The corruption of Uttarakhand government is very well known and even then the leadership is not bothered.” And attacking the Congress after his ‘raincoat’ jib, Narendra Modi warned , “Keep your tongue in check, otherwise I have your ‘Janampatri’ (birth chart).”

Addressing the first public rally in Uttarakhand, the PM raised the tv sting operation issue to allege that even after featuring in the sting Harish Rawat acts as normal by saying, “Do you need any court to prove ongoing corruption in Uttarakhand? India saw it on tv. It is rather sad, even after such acts, the Chief Minister acts normal. I have not seen any politician like him without any guilty consciousness.”

Modi will be addressing three more rallies in Uttarakhand. The PM will be in Pithoragarh on Saturday and will travel to Srinagar and Ruderpur on Sunday.

Modi compared Uttarakhand with a growing up child by claiming that 16-21 age is the most vital age for any child and the next five year will decide the future of the hill state.

Alleging that Harish Rawat was a cabinet minister in the UPA government and did little for Uttarakhand. “When he was a centre minister he had little time, he was busy 24-hour pulling down man occupying the seat (CM). As a cabinet minister he has not even a single achievement to show. On OROP he failed to give proposal to Delhi government.”

Narendra Modi promised that if BJP is voted in power in Uttarakhand, the party will ensure no guilty is spared. The PM made mention of the Kedarnath disaster by accusing the Congress leaders of holidaying abroad in disaster time.