Modi’s Kashmir visit: “Leave homes and tell the world about Indian atrocities in Kashmir,” Grand Mufti appeals people


Srinagar, Grand Mufti (designate) Mufti-Nasir-ul-Islam has appealed people to observe May 19 as black day in view of the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s to Kashmir.

Mufti also asked the imams to use the pulpits of the mosques and play their role in educating people about the Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

“People should leave their houses on Saturday and move towards lal chowk to tell the world about the Indian atrocities,” Mufti said in a statement.

“If the authorities impose curfew and stop people from reaching lal chowk, they should enter mosques and use loudspeakers to register their protest against India and Modi”.

He also appealed the political parties, across the ideological divide, to restrain from meeting Prime Minister Modi.

“If their conscience is alive, they should not meet Modi,” Grand Mufti said. “If they hold respect for the lakhs people who sacrificed their lives for the Kashmir cause,  they should not meet him”.

“He is the same prime minister who supervised genocide of Kashmiris. Under his very nose, occupational forces martyred over 600 Kashmiri youth, injured over 20,000, by using disproportionate force. He is the same man whose trigger happy forces tied Budgam man with a jeep and used him as a human shield”.