My open letter to ISI


Dr Shabir Choudhry

Some people promote your secret agency, as world’s number one secret agency; also very brave and efficient. I wonder if that is true

Your allegation is that on instructions of India I am sabotaging CPEC; and that is why you have instructed NADRA not to renew my NICOP – ID card, which is essentially evidence of existence of the card holder; and without it one cannot function in Pakistan and in Pakistani occupied territories of Jammu and Kashmir State.

I examined role of the ISI in my article written on 23 May 2011 with the following title:  ISI is the best secret agency, is it? I am providing you a link to that article, in case you have not read it. Just to remind you that at that time there was no CPEC, hence, no alleged instructions from any quarter to write about your role.

By blocking renewal of my ID card, you successfully deprived me to accompany dead body of my father and take part in his funeral and burial. On 15 June 2015, I applied for renewal of my card and my father died on 29 August 2015 in England, and his body was taken back to our village in Pakistani occupied Kashmir in District Bhimber.

On 29 August 2016, as a devout Muslims belonging to Hanfi Fiq we arranged annual Khatem for my beloved father, where we invited hundreds of other Muslims of the area to recite holy Quran and Darood Paak; and seek forgiveness of Allah SWT. Again thanks to your great work, I was unable to take part in this function and visit grave of my beloved father. On this great achievement you should feel proud and ask the government to give you an achievement medal.

Do you think by doing all this you have won my mind and heart, and have generated goodwill? No. You have generated more anger and resentment against you; and I feel I need to work harder to expose your imperial designs on my motherland where you will always be seen as an occupier. How would you feel if your father dies and you are restricted to take part in his funeral and burial?

We read papers that in Pakistan, hate preachers, terrorists and those who kill police and army men generously get passports and NADRA cards; and that is not anti Pakistan. My ID card is blocked because I am not hate preacher; I am not a terrorist and I am not a killer. This policy will haunt you for many years.

Your bravery

One can see your bravery and ruthlessness from the above and the following. You know I am not a violent or an aggressive person. I don’t carry gun or any kind of weapon with me; despite this you want to curb my right to travel and right to visit my home village and meet my relatives and friends because you are afraid of me. You are afraid of my pen. You are afraid of my communication skills.


Is it not shameful to your ‘brave and best agency’ to be afraid of 63 years old man with serious health issues; and who is in high risk category? I have endured two heart attacks. I have five stents in my arteries. My left lung is 80% not working. I suffer from sever and consistent attacks of Vertigo, which makes it difficult to control my body balance. I have a hole in my left eardrum, and also I have blood pressure.


Do you feel proud that you have restricted movements of a person with multiple health issues, and who wanted to go back to his village and spend retirement there? Before your great work of blocking issuance of my ID card, I was seriously considering to end my political activities because my health was and is deteriorating. I had problems even walking 100 yards; or walk to my bedroom on first floor. But thanks to your actions I had to continue my work, as I didn’t want to give you this pleasure that by your one move Dr Shabir Choudhry has surrendered.

Your allegations

Thinking people of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan know authenticity of your illogical and fake allegations which depicts sick mentality. These absurd allegations don’t merit a reply. It is part of Pakistani political culture to accuse political opponents of being ‘anti state’, or ‘agent’ of someone, especially ‘agent of India’. No one needs any evidence to level this allegation, all one needs is a big mouth, misplaced loyalty and fractured conscience.

It is part of Pakistani culture of your country to accuse political opponents of being anti state, agents of India, America, Russia and Jews etc; and accuse religious opponents as kaffirs? Just look at the following leaders and tags they have:

  1. Wasn’t Fatima Jinnah, sister of Mohammed Ali Jinnah accused of being an Indian agent?
  2. Isn’t Nawaz Sharif, three times elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, accused of being an Indian agent?
  3. Isn’t Imran Khan accused of being a Jewish agent?
  4. Isn’t Dr Tahir Ul Qadri accused of being a Canadian and an American agent?
  5. Furthermore, both of these are accused to have met in India to plan infamous dharnas, which in a way, make them Indian agents?
  6. Wasn’t General Musharaf accused of being an American agent?
  7. Don’t Generals like Kiani, Pasha, Ayub Khan, Zia Ul Haq and many others carry tags as being American agents?
  8. Wasn’t late Benazir Bhutto declared as a security risk?

There is a long list of people who were accused of being agents of someone. After reading this, do you feel any remorse; or is that too much to expect?

I am a Kashmiri patriot

I am not a Pakistani; and article 257 of Constitution acknowledges this fact. I don’t have to express loyalty to those who occupy my country. I am a loyal citizen of State of Jammu and Kashmir. I strongly feel that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir should emerge as an imdependent country. Throughout my adult life I have worked for this cause; and by grace of Allah SWT, to date, I have not done anything to harm my cause.

Yes, I criticise those who occupy my country; and I have every right to do that. I criticise foot soldiers of the occupiers who work against interests of united and independent Jammu and Kashmir.

I have authored more than 57 books and booklets on Jammu and Kashmir, and India Pakistan relations. I challenge my critics to find me a paragraph where I have expressed my desire to be part of India; even though, thanks to Pakistan we people of Jammu and Kashmir have only two choices: become a Pakistani or an Indian. Find me a paragraph or a sentence where I have said the areas of Jammu and Kashmir under India are not disputed. To me and my colleagues the entire State of Jammu and Kashmir is disputed; and our struggle is for unification and independence of the State that existed on 16 August 1947.

Hypocrisy of Pakistani officials is that they have left us with only two choices – join India or Pakistan; and if people express their desire to become part of India – a right given to them by Pakistan and the UN, then they accuse them of being traitor, unpatriotic and anti Pakistan.

You people are angry because of my research and hard work I have systematically exposed Pakistan’s hypocrisy and double standards on Jammu and Kashmir. I have also exposed their imperial designs and systematic exploitation of our resources.

As a loyal son of the soil it is my duty to use my knowledge and experience to promote and safeguard interest of people of State of Jammu and Kashmir.

I know you have created lakhs of mental slaves in Jammu and Kashmir and in Gilgit Baltistan to serve your interests. Let me tell you, I need no certificate of patriotism from you. My dream to retire and spend last years of my life in my home village is shattered because of your unwise and unwarranted actions.

What you are doing with regard to renewal of my NADRA card is legally 100% incorrect. You have gone a step further, and refused to renew NADRA card of my daughter who has nothing to do with politics. She is married and lives with her husband and children separately. She is a practising lawyer and a law abiding citizen. Under the UNCIP Resolutions you are obliged to protect our political and social rights, and not curb them.

I did not want this war with you; but you have imposed this war on me. This should be a war of all citizens of Jammu and Kashmir who want an independent Jammu and Kashmir. I have two options, either surrender to you because you are too powerful, or fight back. I have decided not to surrender. I may not win, but I will prove to you that all citizens of Jammu and Kashmir are not mental slaves or cowherds; and above all we are not for sale.

By taking this choice I know I could be eliminated like Saleem Shehzad or Arif Shahid. Despite that, I will fight back your imperialism and arrogance, because my desire to see you exposed is stronger than my desire to live

Writer is a political analyst, TV anchor and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir Affairs; Chairman South Asia Watch.