Naeem Akhtar left to fend for himself, Facing corruption charges


Srinagar :If one goes by the old adage that a friend in need is a friend in deed then PDP’s Naeem Akhtar has no friends in his own party.

At present when he is being grilled by the Crime Branch over serious charges of corruption, there is not even a single PDP worker, activist or a leader who could come to Akhtar’s rescue and support him.

On July 22, former NC leader who is now with PDP, Dr Mehboob Beg, issued a detailed statement in which he quoted as having defended Akhtar, stating that CB probe against Akhtar is “baseless and motivated.”

*However, within mere 24 hours, Dr Beg made a U-turn and backtracked from his statement. He even went public, accusing his own party of betraying him by issuing a statement in his name.*
*”I have no idea about the statement. I wasn’t even consulted before issuing this statement in press,” Beg said. He added that he has also talked to party leaders in this regard and asked why a statement has been issued without taking him into the confidence.*

As per the reports, there is not even a single person ready to rescue Akhtar and help him getting out of the troubled waters. “There is some kind of threat that the leaders feel if they extend any help to the troubled politician.

They are apprehensive that they may get into trouble as well,” said a party leader.

Another PDP leader said that when Akhtar was a minister, he had annoyed his very own people in the party and had even ridiculed the PDP MLAs in public. “This is the reason that many left the party and many are still leaving. Those who are still with the PDP do not feel like helping Akhtar out,” said the PDP leader.

Former PDP leader and MLA Abid Ansari had in 2018 predicted PDP ‘s defeat in parliament polls in the year 2017 and lambasted against Naeem Akhtar. He even had coined the slogan of ‘Akhtar hatav, party bachav’. “I can’t sit and share stage with a person who is nobody but enjoys ministry. He is responsible for infighting in the party and his undue interference is creating problems,” he had said.

The Shia leader, who is also brother of late Molvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari had said during parliament polls that “Naeem is the culprit who is destroying the party”.

“Naeem is a double-faced person who says one thing in front of you and talks something else behind you. The party leadership would have been informed about my protest and they can redress the issue,” Abid said, adding he supports and would ensure party’s win from Srinagar.

Earlier, Abid Ansari had alleged that Akhtar ruined the Department of Education which he was heading as a minister in PDP-BJP coalition. He had said that the employees from this department celebrated his removal.