NIA summon proves I am not a proxy of India or Pakistan: Rasheed


Srinagar, Incumbent Langate lawmaker and Awami Ittehad Party chief Er Rasheed on Thursday said that complete silence by mainstream and resistance camps over his NIA summon is a proof that he is neither an Indian nor a Pakistani proxy but “speaks the voice of his conscience and that of his people”.

Addressing people at Handwara chowk while leading a anti-braid chopping protests, Rasheed reiterated that he had nothing to hide and if NIA could be used to probe Kashmiri leaders just to stop them from talking about Kashmir resolution, why should not NIA be asked to investigate the atrocities committed on Kashmiris including forced labour, custodial disappearances, custodial deaths, tortures and other shameless incidents committed by government forces during all these years.

He said using NIA selectively against Kashmiris has exposed the claims of PM Narendra Modi that Kashmir issue can be resolved by embracing Kashmiris. “Similarly home minister’s periodic claims that centre is keen to resolve Kashmir issue doesn’t fulfil the purpose unless New Delhi comes out of confusions”.

Rasheed appealed militants not to forget that they always claim a moral ground while fighting for their cause, as such they need not to do any such action which would create chaos or confusion among masses. “Those condemning the murder of Sarpanch in Shopian or any killing at the hands of militants do loose the moral ground when they justify the action of forces targeting  properties and relatives of militants.”

“While resistance leaders kept always mum over the killings at the hands of militants, mainstream leaders have been equally responsible when dozens of Jamat-i-Islami workers and those from other pro freedom parties were butchered by forces and counter insurgents. As such, it is important that the politicians of all the streams revisit their traditional policies of selective condemnation and respect human rights and human lives of all humans,” Rasheed said in a statement issued here.