Opposition playing politics of feud, obstructionism: Rafi Mir


Jammu, Chief Spokesperson, Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party Rafi Ahmad Mir today castigated members of the opposition for giving in to politics of feud and resorting to obstructionism.
Spotlighting the massive phase of development that has been unleashed throughout the state by the coalition government led by Chief Minister Mehbooba Minister, Mir said that the disruptions in the Assembly brought by the opposition legislators on scale of development is a sign of their being perturbed as they always pursued politics of status quo-ism and halting projects for personal biases and prejudices.
“Uniformity in the allocation of works keeping aside partisanship has been the hallmark of this government, Mehbooba Mufti has ensured that the development in its actual sense percolates to each and every corner of the state across all constituencies,” Rafi Mir said.
Extolling the reformative measures brought about by the ministry of public works department, Mir said that these measures will bring about much-needed transparency and weed out the menace of corruption from the department.
“Structural reforms initiated by the PWD Minister in terms of digitizing tendering process and online monitoring of development works under execution have eliminated the norm of commission seeking behavior that was rampant in previous administrations,” Rafi Mir highlighted and said that
“Cleaning the system has disturbed the ecosystem of favoritism and bias and as expected has got the opposition up in arms against these measures for transparency to showcase their political presence as they are bereft of any political foresight,” Mir added.
It is unfortunate to see few opposition members indulging in personal feud and hooliganism to hide their own failure to highlight problems of people, due lack of interest and empathy towards the people. He said that mainly to drift attention from their own absence from constituencies and failure to highlight concerns of people, their politics has reduced to a personal war of political vendetta”.