Our army using jihadis to kill minorities, says Pakistani activist


NEW DELHI. A Washington-based Pakistani activist Nadeem Nusrat has claimed that his country’s army is colluding with jihadist groups to carry out ethnic cleansing of minorities in Pakistan, reported ANI.

“In last few decades, Pakistani Army has become radicalized and has been supporting jihadist groups to attack minorities and activists in the country,” said Nusrat, who is the convener of the MQM party in Pakistan.

Nusrat said that Pakistan Army would struggle to justify its existence if relations with India improved in future.

“Pakistan Army’s existence is based on continuous hostility with India. Once you take this away from the equation, it will be difficult for Pakistan Army to justify its existence,” he said.

He added that Pakistan and India would not have good relations if Pakistan Army continued to meddle in politics.

The leader further accused the Army and the country’s intelligence agency, ISI, of fanning and abetting religious extremism and fanaticism by allowing its land to be used for terror activities.

“The Pakistani soil has been used to plan and launch major terror attacks. The providers and facilitators of terror sanctuaries in Pakistan must be held accountable by the UN and all peace-loving nations,” he asserted.ANI