Pak solidarity with Kashmir fake, its only interest is to foment unrest, says NSA


NEW DELHI: Pakistan’s hypocrisy in staking claim over Kashmir and showing solidarity with Kashmiris stands exposed by the fact that it never objected to the inclusion of Jammu & Kashmir in the Union of India in the newly-independent nation’s Constitution in 1950, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval said on Saturday.It was only in 1981 that Pakistan devised a strategy called Operation Topac to use Article 370 as a pretext to create unrest in Kashmir along the lines of the covert help it provided to Afghan Mujahideen by giving them arms, refuge and moral support, Doval told a group of journalists.He said Pakistan co-opted small Kashmiri separatist groups and fomented unrest by arousing fear and suspicion about India, which later took on a religious colour. As a result, “they have created an army of terrorists in their own land” and the ensuing separatist violence has claimed more than 42,000 lives in Kashmir, he said.”All this, just to say that they have not given up the cause of Kashmiris. They want public demonstrations on the streets; they want to create a world opinion that what is happening in Kashmir is genocide. They would be very happy if there is genocide on the streets. Unfortunately for them, nothing of that sort has happened, not one bullet has been fired,” he said.