Pak use of terror—threat to world


by Allabaksh
The brazen, near-simultaneous attacks carried out by Pakistani terrorist groups in Iran and India once again underscore the involvement of Pakistani state in using terrorist groups as instruments of state against other sovereign nations. These are the latest examples of how Pakistan has been unleashing a proxy war that kills scores, creates a fear psychosis among two-thirds of humanity and triggers the possibility of the worse nightmare, a nuclear flashpoint.
As the world merely watches mutely, and make do with hollow threats, Pakistan has become ever more emboldened in using terrorists as `dogs of war`.
Pakistan’s threat is not limited to India, Iran or Afghanistan, but a large part of the world.
Review Pakistan’s role in keeping the Afghanistan war boiling for the past several decades. Earlier, it was the West which wanted Pakistan to unleash the war against the Soviets with the aid of terrorists, and later on Pakistan used the same group of terrorists to hold the US and several other NATO countries hostage in Afghanistan. This deadly game of deception continues till date with Pakistan using the Taliban, and other terrorist groups like the Haqqani Network to force the US to negotiate with the `enemy`, the Pakistan-created and sponsored Taliban leadership.
Pakistan’s role in fomenting violence in Afghanistan dates back to several decades. Pakistan has always coveted a position of leverage within Afghanistan to offset its limited capability to deal with a powerful India on its east. Pakistan is also fearful of a strong Afghanistan on its western flank and hence has wormed its way into West-led military alliances to somehow keep a toehold in its western neighbour. The possibility of a greater Pakhtunistan, a nation of Pakhtuns or Pathans, rakes up dread in Pakistan. Pakistanis by and large are scared of tough Afghans. This fear has made the Generals rely on terrorists to harm the people of Afghanistan.
This is the case with India too. Pakistani Generals in particular are fearful of India on two counts—they know they cannot match the courage and firepower of the Indian armed forces, and equally fearful is the possibility of a peaceful coexistence with India, which could mean an end to their reign as the uncrowned rulers of Pakistan. The Generals have been hoodwinking the people of Pakistan by raising the bogey of India and enjoying the perks of power and patronage, minus any responsibility. Since the Generals have time and again failed to tackle the Indian military might, they found it convenient to spawn and sponsor terrorist groups as easy fodder for the cannon.
But over the years, this indulgence has resulted in many of the terrorist groups becoming powerful entities on their own. For instance the Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) are all creations of Pakistan Army and they have survived solely due to the patronage they enjoy from the Generals. Over the years, they also found support among the political class as well as the civil society. That was how the Generals had planned, by allowing the terrorist groups to run schools, hospitals, vocations courses, ambulances and orphanages. With the Generals at their back, the political class indulgent and the civilians largely supportive of their social welfare initiatives, the terrorist groups in Pakistan are today are as powerful and influential as the Mafia.
These groups, in return, offer the Generals, an army of terrorists who are used to create violence and fear in countries and societies which pose a threat to the Generals and their superegos.
The recent attacks in India and Iran have once again shown why Pakistan is a threat to the world and must be punished.