Pakistan: the enemy of Islam and humanity


Sabdor Bloch

If the world hates Islam, this is because of Pakistan’s dirty planes of using the name of Islam in order to achieve the interest of Panjab. Pakistan builds factories of suicide bombers who blows themselves in Afghanistan, Europe, 9/11, India and other parts of the region.

Pakistan gave shelter to world’s most wanted terrorist Usama Bin Laden, Taliban, Hakani networks and other extremists who are beheading not only no-muslims but also targeting, killing the minorities and Baloch, Pashtun pro-independence people. Pakistans’ ISI has been using the name if Islam to conduct #AfghanGenocide in Afghanistan for decades. Pakistan and Iran are supporting extremism, terrorism in Afghanistan to overshadow and disperse the world powers attention from Balochistan Liberation struggle and genuine issues pending for centuries.

Pakistan’s defense Minister Khawaja Sara Asif admitted that Pakistan had been fighting a “Fake Jihad” against Afghanistan.

Now if the Netherlands’s cartoonist insults our prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), if the Europe rejects the asylum applications of muslims, if USA deports and making tougher its immigration rules that is only because of Pakistan and the panjabi ISI is the only responsible for all that disrespect of Islam, difficulties muslims face and uncertain among the muslims because Pakistan and its ISI had been black mailing the world powers in the name of Islam.

Instead of protesting against netherlands, all muslim countries and OIS member states must held Pakistan accountable for hatred, misuse of the name of Islam. Pakistan must be declared a global terrorist state where its army have killed 3 million Bangalis, 25000 Palestinains, 50000 Baloch pro-independence seeking civilians and millions of Afghanistan since 7 decades.

SOLUTION: If you want to be respected, and look as real human being, you must disown Pakistan and stop calling your self as Pakistani which is a fake identity. Particularly it is crucial for Baloch, Pashtun and Sinshi nationalities not to associate themselves as Pakistanis. We are not Pakistani and we have love, respect for all religions. We reject Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Balochistan, Pashtunistan and other part of the world. While interacting with world community it is highly necessary for #Baloch, #Pashtun and #Sindhi nations to expose Pakistani religious proxies, and state sponsored war crimes in their homelands. The world is more safer without Pakistan, the world is more prosper in minus Pakistan.