Pakistani anchors fight on camera, video goes viral


Islamabad, It is okay if you have a difference of opinion with your colleague at the workplace. But, what if you break out into a verbal fight with your fellow worker and the video of it goes viral on the internet.

In a 30-second video, two Pakistani news anchors are seen fighting verbally with each other. One (the man) of them is seen complaining about the other (the woman), apparently to some production member. The video that went viral, is doing rounds on the social media.It seems that the anchors are in the middle of a break. “Kaise bulletin karunga mai iske saath? (How will I do the bulletin with her?),” the man said. In reply, the woman anchor asks him to speak properly to her.The video is from the news portal It was posted by Karachi News on Youtube on February 24. The video was also shared by a journalist from Pakistan on Twitter.