PDP-BJP Govt rendered defunct in Kashmir:Dr Farooq


Kishtwar, National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Thursday said that the PDP-BJP Government had been rendered completely defunct in Kashmir and its writ was being questioned on a daily basis by quarters it had tried to appease and then suppress.
“Such is the writ of the Government in the Valley that the business establishments, transport, schools and every sphere of activity is running as per weekly protest schedules and calendars”, Dr Abdullah said while addressing a huge workers rally at Kishtwar this afternoon.
Dr. Farooq Abdullah said Mehbooba Mufti should not misrepresent signs of normalcy and activity in the Valley as an alleged restoration of normalcy as all such activities were being carried out according to the weekly schedules being issues by Hurriyat leaders.
“Mehbooba Mufti should see writing on the wall and understand that mass discontent is not only due to the complete refusal of the Government to acknowledge the Kashmir issue but also because of the PDP’s betrayal to those who voted and supported it during the 2014 elections”, the NC President said while referring to the anti-BJP plank of the PDP during electioneering and its subsequent U-turns in its run up to forging an alliance with the BJP. He said PDP instilled fear among voters about a looming threat and danger of the BJP making inroads into Kashmir but ironically changed its colours with the sole aim of attaining political power at the cost of its ideology and promises.
Dr Abdullah said that political opportunism and breach of the peoples’ trust would have serious implications for PDP. In such a scenario, the strengthening of National Conference at the grassroots assumes an added significance to meet the challenges faced by the State. He said National Conference was not guided blindly for the sole goal of power but its unflinching political philosophy to safeguard the honour and dignity of the people and to uphold the unity and integrity of the State with opportunities of progress to all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour or regional affiliation.
The NC President reiterated the crucial significance of dialogue between New Delhi and all stakeholders in Kashmir and externally with Pakistan, adding sooner or later the central leadership will have to talk to Islamabad for lasting peace in the region”. He said the solution to Kashmir problem lies in a sustained dialogue process and not in military might or aggression on the LoC and the International Border. He said dissent and discontent in the Valley cannot be silenced by canons on the border or by pellet guns in Kashmir but New Delhi must show compassion and try to win over the hearts and minds of people especially the disillusioned youth.
“Any rigid stance in dealing with the volatile, complex political situation in Kashmir will prove to be counter-productive and have adverse ramifications for the entire region”, he cautioned.
Dr Abdullah also dwelt upon local issues and related the deficiencies in various services to perpetual mis-governance and wrong handling of crucial government functions by the PDP-BJP government. He expressed concern over harassment being caused to nomads by evicting them from their habitations after over six decades of peaceful and harmless co-existence in such ecosystems that they are a part and parcel of.
Addressing the workers, former Chief Minister and Working President National Conference Mr. Omar Abdullah sought an immediate engagement between New Delhi and all stakeholders in Kashmir willing to talk to the Centre for bringing an end to political uncertainty and to look for a lasting solution. He reiterated that Kashmir was a political issue and needed a practical and sustainable political solution that could be reached only by engaging all the stakeholders in a meaningful dialogue.
Mr Omar Abdullah asked New Delhi to acknowledge the resentment and anguish in the Valley and realize that there is an ocean of mistrust and anger that keeps snowballing into such agitations and and mass unrest. In this context, he referred to the unrest of 2008, 2010 and 2016 and said it would be impossible to restore lasting peace in the Valley unless the political issue is resolved as per the satisfaction and sentiments of the people.
Expressing concern over the continued unrest in the Valley for the past over four months and expressing profound grief over the loss of young lives, Mr. Omar Abdullah blamed Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for the prolonged political uncertainty and turmoil in the Valley. “PDP had been blaming me for the 2010 uprising and the tragic loss of lives while they were in the opposition and now by the same logic of culpability she should own up the responsibility of over 90 deaths, blinding of hundreds of boys and girls and injuries to over 10,000 old, young and women”, Mr. Omar Abdullah said.
The Working President asked the PDP chief where the slogan of ‘Goli Se Nahi Boli Se’ had vanished as the people of the Valley have only been witnessing bullets and pellets ever since her party took the reins of administration. “What have you done for engaging all stakeholders in the dialogue process or facilitating New Delhi to talk to Pakistan”, he asked and referred to the party’s ‘Agenda of Alliance’ with the BJP. “What happened to the promise of releasing political prisoners? Today you have filled all jails with young boys and are issuing more PSA orders than at any time in the recent past”, Mr. Omar Abdullah added.
The former Chief Minister recalled the most painful phase of the ongoing unrest and said he along with all the opposition leaders of the State went to seek indulgence of the President, the Prime Minister and important leaders of various national political parties for ending the atrocities being committed upon the people. He drew a contrast between PDP and the NC in inherent political approaches and said that during the 2010 unrest, PDP leaders went to New Delhi to instigate and motivate the central leadership for sabotaging and seeking the dismissal of his Government rather than trying to work to restore peace and normalcy. “On the contrary, we never sought the removal of the Chief Minster, a job to be performed by the people of this state in a democratic exercise – people who feel terribly let down by this dispensation”, he added.
Responding to various issues raised by the local MLC and former minister Mr Sajjad Ahmed Kichloo, the National Conference Working President said that lack of political direction had led to a crisis with development coming to grinding halt and utility services suffering the most.
Former minister and MLC Mr Sajjad Kichloo also spoke on the occasion.
National Conference General Secretary Mr Ali Mohammed Sagar, Additional General Secretary Dr Sheikh Mustaffa Kamal, Provincial President Mr Devender Singh Rana, State Vice Presidents Mr Rattan Lal Gupta and Th Kashmira Singh, Provincial Youth National Conference President Mr Ajaz Jan, Provincial Vice President Mr Brij Mohan Sharma besides Qazi Jalal-ud-Din, Dr Chaman Lal, Mr Tanvir Kichloo, Mr Abid Magrey, Mr Arif Mir and others were present on the occasion.