PDP feud in open: Karra calls three party ministers as present day ‘Kukka Parrays’

KG News Desk
Srinagar, April 4: Senior PDP leader and MP Tariq Hameed Karra said that he did not attend the swearing-in ceremony of PDP president Mehbooba Mufti because he did not want three PDP legislators to be inducted in the council of ministers.
“I opposed the induction of three ministers in the new government. I had suggested to the party president not to bring these three persons in the new council of ministers. These persons misled Mufti Sahab in the previous government,” Karra told a news agency.
“Mufti sahab did not fail on his own it was these three ministers who failed him. These political toddlers and paratroopers have no political stakes. Today, they have become hate-icons in the eyes of masses, government employees especially the teachers, traders, even engineers who were transferred and retransferred at the whims and wishes of select few of these ministers.”
“They did not pursue the peoples agenda rather they pursued their personal agendas. It is already in the public domain that nepotism was at its peak when they were the ministers. I brought it in the notice of the president as well.”
“The state of confusion between the alliance partners and financial mismanagement at central and the state level as well was the handiwork of soc-called self styled economic wizard. This was done to make himself indispensable so that he will always call and ask to remove the confusion which overtly and covertly were his own creations. During Mufti Sahab’s time this self styled economic wizard, who was aptly named as dream merchant. He misrepresented and misquoted both alliance partners, hence the present situation.”
“I told Mehbooba Ji if you have promised me that the old book is closed and a new book has to be started but unfortunately the new book is copy-paste of the old book.”
“As far as the other two hate-icons are concerned, one was dreaming of becoming Maulana Abul Kalam Azad of Jammu and Kashmir by demolishing the very vitals of the prevalent education system. He was more idealistic than practical which angered a community which was always appreciative and supportive of Peoples Democratic Party.”
“At times, he projects himself to be the saviour of education system but at the same time projects himself to be the savior of tourism of Kashmir. He is so obsessed by the tourism department that he does not hesitate to send small time employees and even medium-rung workers to Mehbooba Mufti that only he can save tourism.”
He said that Naeem Akhtar, Haseeb Drabu and Altaf Bukhari have brought the PDP to the present declining state in Kashmir.
“I am representative of these communities in the party who suffered due to these three ministers,” he said.
He said that the Mehbooba Mufti showed her disability yesterday (Sunday) in Jammu and “I reminded her of April 1 statement, and then left”.
“On April 1, Mehbooba Mufti told me that ‘if you are not convinced and find that I am doing something wrong, don’t come to my oath taking ceremony’,” he said.
Karra said Farooq Abdullah in 1996 by becoming chief minister saved the state from coming under the rule of ‘Kukka Parray’.
‘I too acted on timed and saved the state from coming under the rule of today’s ‘Kukka Parrays’,” he said.
PDP president and chief minister elect Mehbooba Mufti and her council of ministers Monday took oath at 11 am at Raj Bhavan in Jammu.