PDP responsible for mistrust among people: Taj Says unholy alliance between PDP-BJP responsible for damages


Srinagar,Lashing out at ruling dispensation for ignoring genuine issues concerning people living in far-flung areas, Senior Congress Leader and Former Minister Taj Mohi U Din described the Coalition as a complete failure on all counts, saying that people were the worst hit of misrule and mis-governance on the part of PDP BJP.
Addressing a largely attended gathering of party workers of Param Pilla Block in Uri Today, senior Congress leader expressed serious concern over the lack of development in the area and said the entire Uri and other far flung areas in the State have suffered immensely, as that, the process of development, started by the UPA I and UPA II has come to standstill.
He blamed the Govt for exploiting people on development, employment and other issues concerning them and said that PDP BJP ruling dispensation was running only paper horses, while as no improvement is visible on the ground, rather this Govt has added miseries to people in all the three regions.
Mention that the people are being forced to pay bribe for construction of toilets blocks under Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, Taj Mohi U Din said despite receiving bribe from the poor people, no toilet blocks were constructed for the reasons known to the Govt, but at the same time, he (Taj) also targeted the son of local MLA over exploiting people on this count, accusing him of playing politics on the unresolved issues concerning people, while as the MLA concerned is nowhere for a longtime, as a result, people of Uri continue to suffer
On this occasion, Senior Congress Leader while taking jib at ruling dispensation described the PDP BJP the two sides of same coin, who despite not being on the same page from the day are enjoying power to satisfy their lust.
He said PDP is trying to divert the attention of the people from its betrayal and backstabbing started a vicious campaign against the Congress Party aiming to hide its failures, but I want to tell PDP Leadership that they cannot escape the responsibilities of causing huge damages to the State.
Rejecting the remarks of some PDP Leaders about the Congress Party, Taj Mohi U Din advised PDP to go for self-introspection and do not shift the blame to others, as that, it was the PDP only which is responsible for the mistrust and bloodshed in the valley.
Adding that PDP BJP has crossed all limits of betrayal, as a result, people has lost faith in Democratic Institutions, but, he felt confident and assured that Congress Party will remain committed to strengthen these institutions in the State and won’t allow the unholy alliance of PDP BJP to damage these for the sake of remaining in power, he said.