Pervez Musharraf’s death are baseless and untrue rumours: Spokesperson


Spokesperson of Pervez Musharraf on Thursday rubbished all rumours regarding the death of the former Pakistani dictator who is currently in exile in Dubai.

There were unconfirmed reports in a number of Pakistani media outlets on Wednesday which speculated that Musharraf had passed away. While he has been battling ill health for some time now, Mehreen Malik said all of these death-related rumours were completely false. “The rumours have been started on social media by enemies of Pakistan,” she was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times. “We are all praying and hoping for his full recovery soon. The rumours of death are baseless and untrue.”

Mehreen is the spokesperson for Musharraf’s political party – All Pakistan Muslim League.  She said that while Musharaff continues to receive medical treatment, rumours of his death are absolutely false.