Photo fight at UN: Pakistan responds on Kashmir


SRINAGAR: A senior Pakistani diplomat has reacted to the statement of Paulomi Tripathi, First Secretary at India’s UN mission, in which she talked about using a Palestinian photograph and passing it as a Kashmiri one.

Here is the exact transcript of the response that pertains to Kashmir:

“Pakistan would like to reply to statement made by the Indian Representative.

No matter how many times you repeat a lie, it does not and cannot hide the truth.

The Indian representative has once again chosen to divert the attention of the international community from the real issue – the real issue of human life, of human eyes, of children and infants blinded forever, of women raped and elderly killed every day by the reign of brutality unleashed by the occupation forces in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The real issue is of Security Council resolutions, which India refuses to implement.

Raking up debate on pictures has backfired. Your own people do not buy your argument.