PM Modi, Amit Shah to kickstart BJP’s drill for 2019 Lok Sabha elections over dinner


NEW DELHI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already started readying the Bharatiya Janata Party for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. And the first step in this regard is expected to be taken as early as Thursday.

Kickstarting the BJP’s drill for the 2019 General Elections, the Prime Minister has invited general secretaries and state in-charges of the party for a dinner on Thursday.

The event, slated to be held at PM Modi’s residence, will be attended by BJP chief Amit Shah, senior leader Ramlal and ministers of NDA Cabinet, among others.

According to sources, the Prime Minister will discuss about the political scenario in different states. Besides, he will also discuss the status of different government schemes. The loopholes and highlights of different schemes will also be discussed.

The focus of the discussion on states is expected to be around Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Tripura, Meghalaya and Mizoram – which are expected to go to elections soon.

Meanwhile, reports said that the BJP is expected to target those voters, who were born in year 2000. It is estimated that such voters are more than 2 crore in numbers. The social media team of the BJP is working hard to woo these first time voters in Lok Sabha elections.

A mobile application will also be brought for the purpose. The name of the app is expected to be ‘Millennium Vote Campaign’ and is slated to be launched on January 18.

Reports said that the app will not just add new voters, but will also provide them information on voter identity card.

Notably, in his last Mann Ki Baat radio show episode, PM Modi had talked about youngsters who will become eligible to vote in 2018.

“We welcome those born in the 21st century to the democratic system as they will become eligible voters,” he had said.

Asking the youngsters to take part in the political system, he encouraged them to take a lead in making mock Parliaments to discuss issues. “We can have mock Parliaments in our districts, where we discuss how to make development a mass movement and transform India. The New India Youth must take a lead in this,” he said.