Preachers using mosques for criticizing each other rather than working for religious reforms, says Mirwaiz


Srinagar, Addressing a glittering Seerat conference organised by the Anjumane Nusrat Ul Islam at Islamia at Rajouri Kadal Srinagar on Thursday, president of the Anjuman and Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq laid stress on following the footsteps of our beloved prophet Muhammad ﷺ as a guide to every Muslims in every sphere of life.

Coming down heavily on some of the self styled religious preachers in the state, Mirwaiz said that these religious preachers are using the sacred pulpits of mosques to divide Muslims of the state by indulging in criticizing and demeaning each other on sectarian lines rather than working for religious and social reform among the society and preaching the real message of unity in Islam. Mirwaiz said what is worse is that they are using social media to promote their sectarian agenda which misguides and confuses people especially the youth, the spokesman in a statement said.

Mirwaiz said that these clerics don’t speak about the killings and injustices that we face each day but when it comes to criticizing each other that exhibit such passion and eagerness.

Mirwaiz said the breach in our unity as an Ummah if it starts from our mosques will be extremely unfortunate and cannot be allowed.

Mirwaiz urged the Imams to desist from promoting sectarian differences that create divisions and hate and rather educate people about the core and universal message of Islam. Mirwaiz said sectarian divide and hate among us only strengthens the hands of our enemies. He said those who use the pulpit of mosques to do so will not be tolerated and people should publically boycott them.

He said in the coming days a meeting of religious organisations, preachers /imams from every sect and school of thought will be convened and we will discuss these issues so that our mosques will become a reason for our unity and social reform rather than division.

Referring to the heinous Kathua incident Mirwaiz said it is a blot upon all humanity, irrespective of what religion we follow that the most despicable act of premeditated rape and then murder was used a tool against a community to evict them. It has to be condemned by one and all and justice has to be delivered on this most heinous crime.

During the Seerat conference students from various institutions from different districts shed light on the life and contributions of the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ with a lot of zest and zeal.