Punjab CM can’t be from Pakistan or London, he will be a local MLA, Arvind Kejriwal clarifies


CHANDIGARH: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday put an end to speculations that he would be running for the top office in Punjab.

In an exlusive interview to TOI, Kejriwal said that “The chief minister of Punjab will be a local MLA. But, I will owe full responsibility for every promise made by AAP.”

“Punjab chief minister can’t be from Pakistan or London or France. He will be from this state only,” Kejriwal said strongly denying reports that he may shift to Punjab.

“I am the chief minister of Delhi. The people of Delhi have given me a responsibility, therefore I cannot be Punjab CM,” Kejriwal said.Kejriwal, however, defended Manish Sisodia’s appeal to vote for Kejriwal as CM face and said there is nothing wrong in what the Delhi’s deputy chief minister had said.

On Tuesday, AAP leader Manish Sisodia just stopped short of declaring Kejriwal the chief ministerial candidate+ during an election rally in Mohali, giving rise to speculation whether the Delhi CM was indeed intending to make the switch.

“Cast your vote presuming that you are voting to make Kejriwal CM. Your vote will be in the name of Kejriwal,” Sisodia declared yesterday.

However, in the next breath, the deputy chief minister added that Kejriwal would be responsible for fulfilling all the promises the AAP makes to the people of Punjab.

Kejriwal has maintained that AAP would not announce a chief ministerial candidate in Punjab, rather the CM would be elected by legislators after the polls.