Rape and Murder of Asifa: Jammu Muslims protest against ‘communal’ BJP Ministers


Jammu: Muslims in Jammu staged a massive protest on Friday demanding capital punishment for the criminals held for brutally raping and murdering an 8 year old girl Asifa.

Reports said that Muslims from different localities of Jammu including Gujjar Nagar, Bhatandi, Ustad Mohalla and other areas assembled at Talab Khatikha shortly after the culmination of Friday prayers.

Carrying banners and placards, the protesters sought justice for Kathua Bakarwal girl Asifa. They raised slogans against Kathua and Jammu Bar Association and demanded removal of cabinet ministers Lal Singh and Chander Prakash Ganga.

They said that the Bakerwal and Gujjar community are bravely resisting the daily external assaults, first the Hindu right-Ekta Manch and now the Jammu Bar association- who protested and stopped crime branch of Jammu and Kashmir from filing the charge sheet against the accused.

“It is nothing sort of outrageous to witness the lawmakers of the state shielding the accused and his accomplices,” they said.

The protest was organized under the banner of Shia-Sunni Muslim Itihaad.