Refrain from making ‘irresponsible’ statements, PM Modi tells BJP MPs, MLAs


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asserted that BJP’s reach was no longer confined to a particular class, urban centres or north India. He also underlined the support, during an interaction with the party’s MPs, MLAs and other representatives through his mobile application, the BJP had received from backward sections of the society.

“BJP cherishes the phenomenal affection received from all sections of society, in all parts of India. It is a privilege that the party has got such a wonderful opportunity to serve 125 crore Indians. No stone will be left unturned to fulfil the aspirations of our fellow citizens,” he said.

At the same time, PM Modi asked party leaders to refrain from making “irresponsible” statements, saying their responsibility has risen as public support has increased for the BJP, PTI reported.

Sometimes our workers blame the media. But have we ever thought that we provide ‘masala’ to media through our own mistakes? Whatever be the issue, we start speaking, as soon as we spot a camera: PM Narendra Modi in video interaction with BJP MPs & MLAs earlier today


They’ll (media) obviously use parts of your sentences as per their convenience. It isn’t media which is at fault. We’ll have to control ourselves. Only they must give statements who’ve been given responsibility to do so:PM Modi in video interaction with BJP MPs&MLAs earlier today

8:21 PM – Apr 22, 2018
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Further, he asked MPs and MLAs to take a resolve to solve four to five problems of the villages falling in their respective constituencies as he issued them several instructions to observe the ongoing ‘Gram Swaraj’ campaign between April 14 and May 5.

The BJP has not come to power due to mistakes of the Congress but because it has always stayed connected to the people and now their job in power is to solve problems facing the masses, PM Modi said.

The perception about the BJP that it was a party of a particular class and urban centres or north India has changed and it has emerged as an “all-touching and all-inclusive” organisation, he said.

He highlighted that it was the BJP which today had the maximum number of elected representatives, be it from the tribal communities, SC/ ST or OBC and urged the representatives for expanding the outreach to people.