Resist or breathe your last breath: Geelani

Resist or breathe your last breath: Geelani  
It’s aimed to change Muslim character: Malik; Asiya asks Pak to take issue to UN
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Srinagar, May 7: Pro-freedom leaders on Saturday cautioned people of the state over establishing of Sainik colonies in Kashmir.
In a statement issued here, chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) said that it is a “resist or breathe your last breath” like situation for the Kashmiris and any carelessness on this sensitive occasion will prove a final nail in the coffin of contemporary existence, identity and freedom struggle.
“We will become strangers in our own land. He said that there is no legal or moral justification in settling the former Indian army men in the disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir leaving aside the 29 states of India. It is an open aggression and hooliganism and to counter this aggression Hurriyat Conference will formulate a strategy to gather a national consensus on this issue.
In press release issued here, Geelani said that the status of Jammu Kashmir is quite different from the other states of India.
“It is a disputed territory and it is waiting for its final and permanent solution. India is holding this state with the help of its military might and this occupation has no moral and constitutional justifications.”
 e said that Jammu & Kashmir has its own constitution and this constitution also does not permit any non-local to settle here.
“The establishment of the Sainik colonies is not only a dangerous plot to influence the disputed nature of Jammu & Kashmir but it is also a deliberate attempt to end the special status of this state,” he said.
Geelani said that India was working on many long term and short term programs to continue its “illegal forced occupation in Jammu & Kashmir.”
“And the most important part of this plan is the changing the demography of the state so that the Muslim majority will get converted into minorities. And the setting up of Sainik Colony is also a part of this dangerous game. The Kashmiri leader said that in last 25 years, India had killed thousands of innocent Kashmiri people, thousands have been murdered in government custodies and about 10 thousand people have been subjected to enforced disappearance,” he added.
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik,  who is undergoing medical  treatment in Delhi, has strongly condemned the orders of ‘so-called’ rulers for establishing residential colonies for forces of India in Kashmir. While terming this as a RSS led conspiracy to change Muslim character of Jammu Kashmir and also change its demography , JKLF chairman said that from the day first RSS backed PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu Kashmir has been raising new issues like giving west Pakistan refugees the permanent resident-ship of J&K, constructing separate Israeli type colonies for Pandits and homeless outsiders and now providing land for establishing residential colonies for Indian army and forces. Malik said that Kashmiri are aware of all these conspiracies and will resist all such moves with resilience and passion.
He said that the role of PDP led so-called ruling regime, other pro-India leaders ,politicians and assembly members is very dubious and it is these people who with utmost shamelessness are implementing RSS evil agenda in Jammu Kashmir for their pity gains and lust of power.
Chairperson Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Asiya Andrabi, has appealed the government of Pakistan to move to the United Nations Organization against government of India’s plan to settle serving and retired army personnel in residential clusters in Kashmir.
“As a member of the UN, the government of Pakistan must move an application to the world body seeking a permanent halt to the construction of such colonies in an internationally acclaimed disputed territory,” she said in a statement issued here.
“India has no right or justification to settle its ex-soldiers permanently here. If Pakistan fails to raise the issue at the UN, it can’t thwart any Indian conspiracy aimed at prolonging its illegal occupation over Kashmir,” she added.
She also impressed upon the pro-resistance leadership to unanimously frame a strategy to counter the move. “India must not succeed in implementing its nefarious designs against the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The pro-resistance leadership has to develop a fool-proof strategy against this dangerous and evil plot,” she said.