Secretariat Employees up against odds

Secretariat Employees up against odds
Abid Hussain
Srinagar, June 10: Secretariat Employees are the face of Government who work from dawn to dusk and even during odd hours with honesty and complete dedication especially during the session of the State Legislature by way of preparing right information for deliberations/ discussions of the Ministers on the floor of the House.
Secretariat Employees also leave their ancestral home in connection with Darbar Move which is forcing them to establish and take care of three houses viz at Jammu, Srinagar and ancestral house on meager sources.  Unfortunately, the secretariat employees have also not been paid their salary as is being paid to their counterparts in other states and in other state government departments working on the same post which has resulted in pay anomaly, pending since decades.
The employees have been barred from promotion avenues and reportedly some middle rung officers are working behind the curtain to sabotage the Career Progression, Cadre review of these Secretariat Employees.  Further employees are facing lot of hardships due to lack of accommodation / up-gradation of quarters and colonies, ration, security facilities etc.   However, huge amount of funds are being spent every year unnecessarily in the Estate Colonies as per wishes of contractors and Estate Employees which has created huge liabilities in crore as there is no accountability and cross check of the system.  Secretariat Employees are being forced to beg/ request for small issues like repair/ renovation and furnishing of residential quarters etc while as blue eyed/ illegal occupants enjoy with every facility at their door step. Pertinent to mention here that the Estates Department has slept over eviction of illegal occupants which has been decided in a meeting held previously with the higher authority which is badly affecting secretariat employees. On one side there is huge number of quarters available with the Estates Department and on the other side hiring of private accommodation/ hotels is being encouraged.
Over the period of time, Secretariat Employees have gained lot of exposure and experience in dealing with the official business. However, it is very unfortunate that the Ministers are getting their staff from outside Secretariat thereby neglecting experienced and dedicated Secretariat Employees. This has encouraged attachment system and burden over state exchequer by way of providing of TA/ TMA, accommodation etc to such employees.  A new trend has been started wherein experienced Senior Stenographers having ample experience at the level of Private Secretaries (Feeding Service of Stenographer) are being replaced by the Addl. Private Secretary that too from outside the secretariat.  This trend has disheartened the cadre of stenographers and also marred their promotion avenues, like Secretariat Subordinate Services and Under Secretary (Promottee). The present state of affairs coupled with harsh rules is discouraging the Secretariat Employees everyday and make our working atmosphere stressful.
The employees now feel that the Government is deliberately using dilly dally tactics and is not serious in resolving our genuine and grave issues like disparity in Pay (Pay Anomaly) and Career Progression/ Cadre Review etc.
As such it has now been decided unanimously by the Civil Secretariat Employees Coordination Committee to hold protest on Wednesday on June 15 against the authorities for non resolution of long pending grave issues of the employees. The protest programme shall continue in case the government does not come up with a concrete proposal and change its mindset towards redressal of genuine issues. (As told to Daily Kashmir Glory by Ghulam Rasool Mir, chairman Civil Secretariat Employees Coordination Committee)