Several South Kashmir villages face acute water crisis


Several South Kashmir villages face acute water crisis

Waseem Trali

Srinagar, Jun 6: Concerned authorities at Mechanical Division Awantipura are yet to respond despite several villages falling within its ambit fail to get water for nearly a decade now.

The water crisis in the villages -Kavil, Shikargah Tral and other adjacent areas- is taking a serious toll over the local population while the women folk have to travel several miles to fetch the water for household activities.

A joint delegation from the areas told Kashmir Glory that, the previous government in a bid to mitigate the sufferings had dug a bore-well that used to supply water to the areas. Soon after the initiation of the bore-well, the motor developed some snag and it has been eight years now the well is lying defunct, the delegation members said.

The areas falling under the ambit have been declared as draught hit, they said while adding that the bore-well was instrumental to various agricultural activities.

Alleging the authorities for playing down their issue the delegation alleged that that, despite approaching the authorities on several occasions, no significant development could be witnessed on the ground level.

“As of now a social-activist Waseem Trali has assured us to take the matter with the concerned authorities on a fast-track basis, they said while adding that we hope that the efforts of Trali will pay the dividend.