Shopian Killings: Killing of civilians highly deplorable says Tarigami


Srinagar,Communist leader and MLA Kulgam Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami on Monday said that unless deterrent action is not taken against those who involved in killings of civilians, these incidents are going to be repeated and this is an unfortunate phenomenon.
He said in a statement till now, there has been no outcome of the probes and enquiries ordered by the government in such incidents. The government is habitual of shedding crocodile tears after every killing incident and quickly orders a probe. But on the ground, there is no positive change.
“Whatever the excuses, given by the forces in the latest incident, killing of unarmed and uninvolved civilians has no justification whatsoever. Losing precious human lives is most unfortunate. Those who are at the helm of affairs have to answer, how long the blood of civilians will continue to flow in Kashmir?” he questioned.
Tarigami appealed the democratic forces in the rest of the country, to pressurize the government so that the security forces are made accountable for such painful happenings and adopt the maximum restraint while dealing with the militants in Kashmir.
The well-meaning and humane elements of our society across the country should raise their voice against the civilian killings whatever the excuse put forward by the erring elements. Since the parliament is in session, the representatives of all the democratic formations should unitedly take up this issue, Tarigami added.
Expressing solidarity with the bereaved families, Tarigami demanded an immediate end to impunity granted to the security forces, by withdrawing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act(AFSA) at least from the areas which are relatively peaceful.