Sikhs resent ‘forced conversions’


PESHAWAR: The Sikh community has urged the government to stop forced conversions of
the girls belonging to minority groups through proper legislation to remove the sense of
insecurity among them.Anmol Singh, a representative of the Sikh community, in a statement on Wednesday, alleged that the girls belonging to Sikh and Hindu communities were forced to convert to Islam, mostly in Singh province, but the government was yet to stop this practice.
“Our community is worried as the incidents of kidnapping Hindu, Sikh girls are frequently
occurring, but the government is least bothered to protect the people through legislation. All
the provincial governments should focus on legislation without being influenced by different
political parties which is our basic right,” he said.Anmol Singh said that the incidence of forced conversions in Pakistan was a matter of
serious concern. He said that the case of a girl of Nankana Sahib was the latest example.
Mr Singh said that despite repeated protests by the minorities, the government had made no
legislation to prevent this practice.
The population of religious minorities, he said was fast increasing in Pakistan and it was duty
of the government to protect their rights.
All such incidents, he said were bringing a bad name to Pakistan at international level. “All
religious minorities residing in Pakistan once again urge the government to immediately
legislate to protect them in real sense,” he demanded.
Besides, the Sikh community leader also demanded of the civil society organisations to push for early legislation against forced conversions.
Source Dawn.