Sitaram Yechury blames RSS for starting violence in Kerala


NEW DELHI, On a day when bombs were hurled in two Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) offices in Kerala today, the party came out heavily against the state government for the repeated attacks. Coming in support of the Left Front Government in the state, CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury, while condemning the incident said that whatever happened was quite fortunate, but this is the type of politics the RSS practises and the entire cycle of violence in the state was started by them in Kerala.

Earlier, speaking to ANI, BJP leader Nalin Kohli said that bombs are being hurled in the state and murders are taking plays as these people are related to the RSS and the BJP. He also added that it was the responsibility of the state government to take actions against the accused.

In the morning, crude bombs were hurled in two BJP offices in Naravanur and Mattanur in Kerala, damaging them severely. This wasn’t the first attack on BJP and RSS members as similar incidents have happened in the past as well.

Allegedly, CPI(M) cadres stabbed to death a BJP worker in Kannur district earlier this month. A country-made bomb was thrown at the RSS office at Thaliparamba few days back police said and added that no one was injured.

(With inputs from ANI)