Solution lies in Dialogue: PDP lawmaker, admits ‘mainstream politicians are responsible for the Kashmir imbroglio’


Jammu, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Javid Ahmed Beigh Tuesday said that if people and politicians really want a resolution to Kashmir issue, then they have to take BJP and RSS on board. “You can’t sideline BJP and RSS and if you continue to treat these parties as untouchables then they will never help us in getting this long pending issue resolved,” Beigh was speaking in the Legislative Assembly here in Jammu.

Admitting that mainstream politicians are responsible for Kashmir mess, Beigh said time has come when we jointly shake hands and help in the resolution of Kashmir problem. “I admit that mainstream politicians are responsible for the Kashmir imbroglio but I also believe that those who propagated violence and brought gun are equally responsible and they are not the sympathizers of people of Kashmir. Solution doesn’t lie in violence but in dialogue and we have to think on these terms. All stakeholders need to get united and help in getting this problem resolved,” Beigh said.

He said that Omar Abdullah in his speech only talked about the killings that occurred in 2010 and 2016 but remained silent on the killed that took place since 1990.

“Why we don’t talk about more than one lakh killings that occurred in Kashmir. It is really shameful that we play politics and do not show keenness in resolving this issue. Time is ripe for the solution and we have to get united,” Beigh said.