‘Sufi narrative needs to be transferred to the new generation’


BANDIPORA: A day long conference on the theme of ‘Sufism, Peace Building and Globalisation’ concluded here at Bandipora on Saturday. The conference was organised by J&K Youth Development Forum.

During the declamation session, various authors, writers expressed their views on Sufism and stressed on adopting Sufi teachings for social reformation for the welfare and prosperity of humanity.

Farooq Ganderbali in his concluding remarks said that Sufism ignites the passion in the heart that connects us to each other. He said that love lies at the core of the Sufi tradition, and practices of the Sufis have great relevance for seekers today which can help us to deepen spiritual practice and even elevate it to a new level.

Ganderbali further said that Sufism as an antidote to right wing extremism and hate ideologies can play a crucial role if cultural secularisation and gaps are bridged with peace, love, tolerance, equality and respect for all – the key tenets of Sufism.

“We have to transfer the secular Sufi narrative and knowledge to the new generation to counter intolerance and extremism,” Ganderbali said.

“The cultural heritage and intellectual legacy of Sufism left by the great mystic poets and sages from East to West bear witness to the cosmopolitan humanistic values of tolerance, equality, interfaith harmony, human freedom and peaceful coexistence”, he said, adding that Kashmir Valley known as the ‘land of Sufis and peace’ and also known as “Peervaër”.

“Globally and locally, these are troubled times as extremism of all forms is at an all-time high. In addition to economic inequality, social and religious intolerance has posed a threat all over the world, and in particular the Muslim world. A threat that can be defied and contested through the path of Sufism”, said Dr Bilal Ahmad. Fayaz Sahab, a renowned educationist gave his remarks and spoke highly of the idea of Sufism. Educationist Fayaz Ahmad said that Sufism is the path to bring peace in the world besides promoting mutual brotherhood and harmony among different sections of the society.
He said Bandipora is the abode of great Sufi saints like Hazrat Nanga Bhaji Sahab , Lal Sahab Argam , Baba Shakur-Ud-Din Wali
whose teachings have always preached mutual coexistence, brotherhood and peace. He said the need of the hour is to follow the teachings of these great saints for leading an emancipated life devoid of strife and conflict.
The conference was marked with the presence of Prof Ghulam Rasool Bhat, Syed Sajad Hussain, Chairman Fayaz Ahmad, President JKYDF Sheheryar Majeed Dar, President Utthan Mission Trust Zeeshan Farooq , Ghulam Nabi Zahid , Mohsin Kashmiri , Molvi Mohd Rafiq and Mubishar Nazki Tehsildar Bandipora