Ten of thousand peoples participated on Al-Quds Day at Sankoo Sub Division solidarity with the oppressed victims of palestine


Srinagar, As the rest of the world like in other part of kargil Anjuman-e-Sahib Zaman sankoo dsuru)observes Al-Quds international day,on the last friday of holy month of ramadan that was initiated by the islamic republic of Iran in 1979 to express support for the palestinians and oppose zionist and zionist regime’s existence.

After observing and offered friday congregational prayer thousand of people’s take participated.

In this regard the mass protest ralley was organized by Anjuman-e- Sahib Zaman Sankoo.

The ralley started from the imam Bargah thang sankoo which went through main Bazar and was culminated at Alamdar chowk sankoo

The participant were seen raising slogan and holding banner and playcard write quotation ”Down with amrica down with down Isreial Falisteen key Mujahedou Ham toum harey sath hay”

Prominent amongst speakers were includig Hujatul -Islam-Walmuslimmen Sheikh Sadiq Balgee, Hujatul -Islam Walmuslimmen Syeed Ahmed Rizvi Hujatul -Islam –Walmuslimmen Sheikh Zakir Nasiree and Syeed Abass Rizvi Syeed jaffer Rizi Lankerchey were also present.

Speakers said, this day when we have gathered to expree our solidarity with the people of plastanin with the call of a leader who after centuries hoplesssness,induced a new life amongst the muslim all the around world he added youm-e-Quds is the day of unity amongst muslim and their solidarty with the innocent plastanin as well as the day of the awakening of the consceince of the peoples of the whole world.

Later the burnt effigy of US president donalnd Trumph’s and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu.

Similarly Markaz-e-Tabliga Imam Raza Sankoo observes youm-e-Quds international day with tremendous religious fervour.after observing friday congregational prayer thousand of people’s participated in this religious meeting despite fasting ,this massive ralley was held under the guidance of Hujatul Islam Walmuslimeem Aga Syeed Mohammad Towha Rizvi.

The procession which started from Markaz-e-Tabliga Imam Raza Sankoo which went though main market sankoo and culminated at mini stadium ground sankoo

People were carrying placards and banners supporting Palestine and shouted anti-America and anti-Israel slogans against killing the innocents especially women and children in Palestine and marked their support to the innocent victims of Gaza. The protestors demanded an end to Zionist regime in Israel.

International Quds day is an annual event held on the (Juma tul vida) last Friday of Holy month of Ramazan that was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and oppose Zionism as well as Israel’s control of Jerusalem and capture of Masjid Al-Aqsa by Zionist.

The Quds day is the day of unity among Muslims and their solidarity with the innocent Palestinian nation as well as the day of the awakening of the world people’s conscience. This day holds significance not only for the Muslims but it is humanitarian obligation to express solidarity with those people whose rights are being violated by the so called super powers of the world and we all need to stand against this evil.

Prominent among
other religious scholars were present include’s Hujjat-Islam walmuslimin, Shiek Ali Waziri, Hujjat Islam wal mislimin Shiek Gh Mohammed Qari, Hujjat Islam wal mislimin Shiek Ali Turabi, Molana layaqay Lankerchery , Syed Raza Razvi ,Syed Ali Razvi.

Addressing the gathering Hujatul -islam -walmuslimme Aga Syeed Mohammad Towha Rizvi said,youm-e-quds was declared by imam khomeni to expree solidarity with people of Gaza, palestninYammen, and Behrain and that it has gained acceptance and importance beyound the asiya pacific to european and africa.the progrmme concluding from dou-e-Farj.special Prayer for peace, development, health amongst the people’s the kargil were also held.

The speakers further expressed their resentment over all kinds of atrocities, the unrest in Iraq and Syria or the terrorist attack in India and expressed solidarity with all oppressed people of the world and appealed the government to cut all diplomatic ties with these countries.

The piciture of horror cruelty and heninous crime of Israelis against the peoples of gaza and huminity they also chanted slogan supporting civilian in gaza who are continuous Israelie carnag the burnt effigy of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,Amrican President Donalnd Trumph’s in sankoo saw thousand of people’s who are gathered.

Sources said ,that International Al-Quds day were also observed at GMpore,Trespone, Saliskote,Sankoo, Taisuru,and Barsoo block with great religious enthusaism where in thousand of peoples took participated in the procession .