There is no threat coalition after Tassaduq’s ‘personal views’: PDP


Srinagar, April 13 (GNS): Ruling partner in coalition with BJP, Peoples Democratic Party on Friday made it clear that there was no threat to alliance following Tassaduq Mufti candid admission about the failure of the government in various fronts.

“Tassaduq Mufti’s statement is that Kashmir issue is a political issue and that we could not follow the agenda of alliance. We have our reasons and Delhi has own reasons. We don’t see much more than this,” PDP’s chief spokesman Rafi Ahmad Mir told GNS.

Asked whether coalition will break after the statement by the scion of Mufti family, Mir said: “It has nothing to do with it.”

 “He (Tassaduq) has given his views about the prevailing state of affairs. There are views of course view people also that we could not make India and Pakistan talk over Kashmir which was essentially part of the agenda of alliance but situation did to remain good in 2016, 2017. We are pursuing as we are in government and our attempts will continue in future to make India and Pakistan talk over Kashmir.”    

Asked about PDP’s meeting, Mir said: “This is routine meeting and it has routine agenda. Darbar move offices are reopening in Srinagar and there are other issues. Even though we can discuss all issues in the meeting of course but it has routine agenda.”

Denouncing his own party for non-fulfilling of commitments, Tassaduq Mufti, who recent became tourism minister in ruling alliance said that PDP has ended up being partners in a crime with BJP “that an entire generation of Kashmiris might have to pay with their blood”.

In an interview Tasaduq has said that he was not going to be quiet and act as if he was unmoved by the tragedy that was unfolding at ground level “just because I am part of the government.”

“All lives matter. Lives of the people on both sides of ideological divide. And this is a government for the people and I see nothing wrong in standing with the people to find a solution to the ongoing crisis,” he said. (GNS)