Third COVID wave may grip India in Oct-Nov, predict experts


Srinagar,As the country grapples with the second wave of COVID-19, experts have predicted that India is likely to face the third wave of the pestilence in October-November this year.
According to the media reports the second wave will flatten by July after peaking in May and recur by October 2021.

Chief of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of Karnataka, Dr MK Sudarshan has said that the younger population would be more affected by third wave. “Fully vaccinated senior citizens would be safe by then. Those below 18 years would be most vulnerable,” he has claimed.

An expert while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “Vaccination is the only way out. Process needs to be expedited. At present the inoculation drive is open for all above 18 years of age. It needs to be thrown open for children also. The government needs to procure more and more vaccines. People too should realize that taking a COVID-19 jab is the only way out and it cannot be ignored.”

He said, “The people who had got vaccinated and tested positive for COVID-19 in the second wave didn’t develop much complications. It has proven beyond doubt that vaccinations have helped. These hold the key to developing herd immunity.”

The expert said, “The alarm about the third wave has already been sounded and it should not be taken lightly. The children below 18-years need to be protected and a mechanism needs to be put in place to wipe out the COVID-19 from the system. This pandemic has ripped us apart.”

He said, “The experts had sounded an alert about the second wave as early as February this year but people didn’t take it seriously. Most of us had become complacent and had declared victory against the COVID-19 too early. We need to learn from our past mistakes.”

The government had recently stated that the process is on to acquire the Russian vaccine Sputnik and it would also become available in the open market soon. “Things are looking up but we have to take precautions till we defeat the virus completely. In Kashmir lockdown has been enforced and people are being asked to stay at home. We have to exhibit patience as being patient is the only way out. Rushing to hospitals won’t help our cause. The health facilities are already overburdened. We need to keep the hospitals open for the critical COVID-19 patients. Resilience is the only way out,”