Thousands march in Kargil against Israeli PM’s India visit, burn his effigy


Leh, Thousands of people on Monday marched in the frontier Kargil town of Jammu and Kashmir to protest against the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to India.

The protest was organised by Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT).

The protesters raised slogans against the Prime minister and expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The protesters, who were holding placards and Palestinian flags, also burnt the effigy of Netanyahu, American and the Israeli flags.

Speaking to the protesters at Laal Chowk Kargil, Chairman Guardian Council IKMT Kargil said the land of Mahatama Gandhi can’t tolerate “war-criminal like Netanyahu”.

He said such moves will weaken Indian democratic approach in foreign policy.

He further said that India always supported Palestine cause.