Time to forge unity under the flag of National Conference: Omar Abdullah


Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Sunday asserted that it is the high time for people of the state to forge unity under the flag of National Conference in view of the current political discourse in the state and the country and give a befitting reply to those forces as are inimical to interests and identity of the state.Addressing a party convention of district Anantnag at Dakbanglow Anantnag, party president in a statement said, “Principally I am not against new people joining politics. But why are that these one-man armies mushrooms only in Kashmir? Why isn’t such a trend seen in Ladakh and Jammu division? It is obvious that the main rationale behind the propping of the one man army is to weaken the voice of Kashmiris. Sher-e-Kashmir had already foretold that after his death the centre would create leaders in every street of Kashmir,” adding, “We are delighted to have personalities like Pir Muhammad Hussain and Justice Tauqeer in our fold. They could also have come up with parties but their conscience didn’t allow them. They have undertaken to be a part of a greater force to fight the divisive agenda of forces as are hell bent to divide us.”

The convention was addressed by party general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar, Nasir Aslam Wani, Sakina Itto, Dr Bashir Veeri, Altaf Kaloo, Syed Tawqeer Ahmad, Pir Muhammad Hussain, Reyaz Ahmad Khan, Abbas Dar. On the occasion former secessions judge Syed Tawqeer Ahmad and Ex-PDP general secretary Ghulam Rasool Malik formally joined National Conference.

Lashing out at PDP for “bartering and betraying” the mandate of people they were entrusted within 2014, Party vice president said, “Now that the trumpet of elections has been blown. It is the right time to ask questions from PDP. We were also expecting assembly polls simultaneously with Lok Sabha elections but it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, it is the right time to seek answers from PDP,” adding, “The same PDP that sought votes in 2014 assembly elections on the pretext of keeping BJP out of power. But the same PDP berated and bartered the mandate of people by joining the same BJP for the lust of power.

We in a first, keeping aside our differences with PDP, offered them unconditional support to form a government, which they denied. Our reach out to them was solely for the purpose of stopping BJP to make inroads into the state. What followed is known to all,” adding, “What they did to the state can be gauged from the fact that even GOI wasn’t able to conduct the parliamentary by-elections in Anantnag. Elsewhere in the country, 30-40 parliamentary constituencies will go for poll on a single day but here the elections to Anantnag parliament constituency will be conducted in three phases. This reveals how much damage PDP-BJP has done to the situation in Kashmir. This noticeably reveals the havoc PDP has created in Kashmir.”

Flaying PDP for not respecting the mandate of people especially the people of south Kashmir, party vice president said, “ The catch-words like ‘Healing Touch’, ‘Goli Sai Nahi Boli Say’ turned out to be a damp squib. These catchwords never materialize however there was a rise in the crackdowns; more bunkers propped up in their tenure; the steep rise in the intimidation of old and young; use of pellet guns; the spree of blinding people and what not. There were many groups which had supported PDP in the run-up for elections. However, PDP by joining hands with BJP didn’t leave any eye shorn of the tear. It was south Kashmir that had to bear the brunt of PDP’s colossal betrayal of the public mandate. Today the skyline of south Kashmir presents a charred look, every eye is in tears, and every soul is in pain. It is PDP who is responsible for the plight of people. Every heart in south Kashmir is excruciating with pain.”

Attacking PDP chief for showing “fake sympathy” towards people Omar said, “Had PDP president and the Ex-Chief minister shed tears when our youth were devoured upon in 2016, it would have had any impact. One may inquire from her as to where was her concern when the people of Kashmir were subjected to worst of human rights violations. It was during her tenure that people were used as a human shield; where was her sympathy and empathy for those who were blinded, bruised in her tenure. People are a good judge of character of PDP and its stint in power. The hobnobbing of PDP with BJP unleashed a plethora of miseries on the people of the state, in particular, the people of the valley.”

“When in power it was same Mehbooba who had mocked the death of youth with her scornful ‘milk toffee’ comments. When in power she was the one who said that the guns of forces are not for display but for action. Now given the fact that elections are nearing, she is again shedding the crocodile tears. This time the people of south Kashmir won’t fall prey to her theatrics,” he added.