To PDP MP’s plea, GoI says AFSPA to stay

To PDP MP’s plea, GoI says AFSPA to stay 
‘No information about conducive atmosphere prevailing for lifting the Act’
New Delhi, May 11: Government has no plans to revoke AFSPA from Jammu and Kashmir and Northeastern states, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Wednesday.
“No, sir,” Minister of State for Home Affairs Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary said in reply to a written question on whether government has plans to revoke Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts from Jammu and Kashmir and Northeastern states.
Chaudhary also said the government has not received any information from its sources about conducive atmosphere prevailing in the states for lifting AFSPA.
The minister was responding to a question by PDP MP Nazir Ahmed Laway.
The “Agenda for Alliance” of BJP-PDP says that the coalition government will examine the need for de-notifying disturbed areas. This, as a consequence, would enable the Government of India to take a final view on the continuation of AFSPA in these areas.”
While the PDP had maintained in its manifesto that it will review the Disturbed Areas Act, its leaders, during electioneering, had promised that if voted to power, the party will ensure that the AFSPA is withdrawn from the State. The BJP, on the other, had opposed any withdrawal of the AFSPA.
AFSPA gives immunity from prosecution and other legal proceedings to personnel of the armed forces .
Out of power, NC launches signature campaign against AFSPA  
Says PDP is Trojan Horse of BJP 
National Conference on Wednesday said it was committed to the revocation of AFSPA from the State and that PDP’s complete abandonment of this demand after coming to power had proven that PDP was BJP’s Trojan Horse in the State. National Conference Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi on Wednesday started J&K RTI Movement’s signature campaign for AFSPA revocation in the State and said National Conference would continue to seek the revocation of the Act from the State.
“National Conference Working President Mr. Omar Abdullah led the efforts of the party to seek AFSPA revocation from the front and he never hesitated to voice this demand even in the Legislative Assembly as the Chief Minister. Mr. Omar Abdullah demonstrated the statesmanship and courage to raise this issue at the highest forums, even in the presence of visiting Prime Ministers. Sadly, Mehbooba Mufti has sold-out to the BJP and their placards of ‘Revoke AFSPA’ have disappeared”, the NC Chief Spokesperson said.
The NC Chief Spokesperson said the State’s legislators were morally bound to represent the aspirations and expectations of the people in the halls of democracy and a failure to do so would discredit democracy in the State. “Every single legislator should sign this banner and support this campaign and rise above their partisan and personal political ambitions. I laud this initiative and wish the organizers all the very best in this endeavour”, the NC Chief Spokesperson further added.
“We have seen how the PDP-BJP Alliance is hell-bent on destroying the State’s institutions and eroding its special status. They have launched one offensive after another against the State’s flag, its constitution as well as its political rights in those areas that clearly fall in the State List according to the Constitution of India. Our State Government is acting as a political extension of the anti-Article-370 lobby in New Delhi and has left no opportunity to appease the BJP and RSS in furthering their long-held agenda to weaken the State’s special status. Their refusal to raise the issue of AFSPA revocation contradicts PDP’s pre-election rhetoric and also the promise they made in their ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ which specifically states that they would take up AFSPA revocation with the Centre. Today, they are scared of uttering a single word on this sensitive issue that they used to come to power”, the NC Chief Spokesperson added.